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Despite the increased social awareness and acceptance of diagnosed mental health problems such as addiction, depression, self-harm and anxiety, there is still a reluctance to admit that we all experience stress and distress at times in our lives. We all develop symptoms and search for strategies to cope, even if those strategies are not in our long-term best interests. Too often we feel that our situation isn’t ‘bad enough’ to ask for help or we feel that a diagnosis & treatment approach doesn’t fit: a few drinks every night might not make us an alcoholic and take us to an AA meeting, a few really bad low days may not take us to the GP for diagnosis and treatment of depression, a constant gnawing sense of self-doubt and failure may just be something we want to cover up and ignore rather than admit to ourselves and share with a friend.

These are the kind of issues that counselling can help unravel. It takes great courage and strength to acknowledge and accept that we are struggling when the world outside is critical and shaming, too often implying that having problems is a weakness or a failure.

In a world of ever-increasing connectedness there seems to be a parallel increasing sense of isolation, implying that we should ‘put on a brave face’ and battle on alone with our problems, grappling to get on top of them until they become so great that we are forced to take action.


If you read this and it resonates with you then I encourage you to reach out and ask for some help, whether you share with a trusted friend or partner, a supportive family member, your own GP or a professional counsellor. Likewise if you know of someone close to you who is fighting their battle alone, encourage them to do the same. I am happy to be able to say that I have done both.


Qualifications & Training

Current Training:

❖ 2018-2020 University of Salford - PGDip Advanced Counselling & Psychotherapy Studies (Supervision)

Initial Training:

❖ 1989-1993 Scottish Council on Alcohol - Counsellor Accreditation


Subsequent Significant Training:

❖ 1991-1994 Gestalt Training Services - Gestalt Psychotherapy Training

❖ 1993 Glasgow University - Introduction to Child Psychology

❖ 1994-1997 Scottish Council on Alcohol - Counsellor Supervision Training

❖ 1996-2000 Various - Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Training

❖ 1998-2001 Frank Parkinson - Psychological Debriefing & Post-Trauma

❖ 2000-2010 Various - CBT, Couples Counselling, Grief & Loss, Equality & Diversity

❖ 2010 Online Therapy Institute - Online Counselling Skills (BACP endorsed)

❖ 2015 BACP - Certificate of Proficiency

❖ 2018 Julie Merry - Safeguarding Training



I am very pleased to be part of the counselling collective at the new Liverpool Therapy Rooms in Castle Street and encourage you to contact us for an initial appointment. I am a registered member of BACP and have appropriate insurance, ICO registration, DBS certificate and regular supervision. I am also available for supervision. For more information about me go to the Counselling-Directory website and look for George David Scanlan.

  Dave Scanlan - MBACP - Counsellor & Supervisor

My counselling journey started 30 years ago off the North of Scotland training as a counsellor for a new telephone helpline service in the Orkney Islands. I’ve since worked as a staff counsellor for the NHS, a senior addiction counsellor in Barlinnie prison, counselling supervisor in the HIV/AIDS field and across the board in the employed and unemployed sectors. Clients have come from a wide range of backgrounds including the emergency services, refugees, local authorities and the long-term unemployed. I have now set up in private practice back home in Merseyside and have returned to university to study a Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Counselling & Psychotherapy (Supervision).