Faye Brennan - BA (Hons) Counselling & Psychotherapy, Clinical EFT Specialist 


Sorry I am currently not able to take on any new clients for face to face appointments.

Hello, my name is Faye – over the next few paragraphs I intend to give you an idea of the therapist behind the picture with hopes that my approach is something that resonates with you.

I am a person-centred experiential (PCE) therapist whom also incorporates EFT tapping (emotional freedom techniques) into my sessions. The two therapeutic techniques work in harmony with one another and I have found that I am able to use both with great success.

Having my foundation in PCE therapy allows me to empathically attune to your distress, ensuring that I hold a safe therapeutic space to explore and guide you through each of our sessions with much care and compassion. PCE therapy alone is extremely powerful because it allows you to gain self-awareness and self-understanding around your emotions and behaviours, which often translates into growth and a certain ‘freeness’. 

EFT comes under the umbrella of energy psychology; it is a mix of both psychology and energy medicine. We tap on acupoints positioned on the body’s meridian system which releases stuck energy and/or emotional distress. Using EFT helps to regulate emotions as it down-regulates your amygdala (or as most people know it your fight/flight response), ensuring that you always have a resource to cope with emotional distress. So far, I have used EFT on issues such as:

✓ Limiting beliefs such as lack of confidence

✓ Anxiety & Stress

✓ Depression 

✓ Peak performance

✓ Childhood & Adulthood Trauma

✓ Bereavement 


✓ Shame and Guilt

✓ Pre and post-natal depression

Within my own private practice, I have witnessed astonishing results in very few sessions.

My style in session is not dissimilar to how I am in my everyday life. You will be met with a warm energy every time we work together. I am caring, compassionate, a great listener and I also have a professional but fun side. More than this, I hope to be part of your journey to becoming your authentic self by being the light that guides you in your struggle.  

In regard to qualifications, I have a BA (Hons) in Counselling & Psychotherapy and most recently I have become qualified to practice clinical EFT. 

As well as the above qualifications, I also do regular CPD. The latest being online working, childhood sexual abuse, hakomi practice and focusing; if you have any questions on these, please ask away.

Session Fees

Sessions are 50 minutes both online (zoom) & face to face: £55

I am a member of the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) as the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP), so I adhere to both parties’ ethical framework. I am also registered with ICO, I have a full DBS certificate and insurance. For more information, you can find me on Psychology Today.