I understand that taking the first steps to begin counselling may be daunting for some and that is why within my practice offering a warm empathic and confidential environment feels important along with building a strong therapeutic relationship as this is the basis for good therapy. Person centred counselling offers a non- directive attitude meaning we will explore what you as the client bring to the session each week and by working in this way you have the freedom to talk about the issues you want to focus on and I will be there with you to explore this at a deeper level. There is no expectation from me as the therapist as to what should be explored in the session. 



My passion for counselling began after my own experience of personal therapy. This experience was so life changing as it allowed me to organise my thoughts and emotions and feel less confused and unorganised within myself. In all honesty I remember my first thought before attending therapy was how could this even help but, it did help and I gained so much self- awareness and knowledge about myself. My own personal experience allows me some understanding of what it is like to attend therapy whilst understanding it is different for each individual. 




I have a BA Hons in counselling and psychotherapy where I focused on a PCE model of therapy. Following on from this and gaining my degree I have worked and currently still work for NHS Mindsmatter which allows me to work with many different issues. I find it important within my own practice to continually develop my skills as a therapist which is why I engage in regular continual personal development (CPD). 


I am an individual member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) which helps to ensure an ethical practice. I have the relevant insurance in place and I attend regular supervision to ensure good counselling practice. 


Session Fee


Face To Face - £50 for 55mins appointment.


Lisa Ray - BA Hons Counselling & Psychotherapy


Hi, my name is Lisa and I hold my private practice here at Liverpool Therapy Rooms. Within my bio I hope to give you more insight into my practice including how I work and to give you a little background about myself which I want to offer with real honesty as this is a true reflection of who I am as a therapist.


I am a person- centred experiential therapist (PCE) which means I work with what you as the client are experiencing in the moment and help within your process to focus on emotions. I have such a passion for working with emotion as it is my belief that it is our emotions that tell us what we need to know about ourselves. I also like to work with focusing on bodily sensations as sometimes we know there is something that feels different within us but it can be difficult to figure out what it is or what it means. Understanding these bodily sensations can tell us so much about ourselves.


It often seems when clients come to therapy that there is a loss of connection to emotions or that thoughts and feelings do not match. Within the therapy sessions I offer to help you within your process to promote self- awareness to find the answers that lie within you. I work with many different issues inc.



Low self-esteem