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Lindsay Adams – MSc. Psychotherapy and Counselling – Contemporary Creative Approaches

Person-Centred, Creative Therapy, Trauma Informed

Hello, my name is Lindsay. I provide a safe and supportive space for individuals who are facing various challenges in their lives.


Whether you’re struggling with your mental health, navigating difficult decisions or carrying the weight of past experiences, I am here to support you on your journey. I warmly welcome those who are seeking to understand themselves on a deeper level by exploring their thoughts, emotions and inner world.


Finding the right therapist is an important decision, and I encourage you to take your time in choosing someone who feels like the right fit for you.

Seeking therapy can be both daunting and personal, and it takes courage to open up and share your experiences, especially if you’ve been holding on to something for a long time.

Rest assured, I am here to support you every step of the way. Together, we can navigate the depths of your emotions, uncover new insights, and work towards a brighter, more fulfilling life.

Person-Centred Therapy

In Person-Centred therapy, the therapy room is a space of collaboration and partnership. As the client, you possess a wealth of knowledge about your own thoughts, emotions, and life experiences. However, it’s common to feel overwhelmed or find it challenging to navigate these aspects on your own. That’s where I come in.

I am committed to guiding you through the exploration and resolution of the issues you may be facing. In our sessions, I offer support as you delve into the depths of what may be painful, secret, or even shameful. Throughout this process, my intention is to approach your journey with an open mind, kindness, and respect.

The ultimate aim of therapy is quite unique to each individual. It may involve gaining clarity about your emotions, finding strategies to manage overwhelming feelings, or uncovering hidden strengths and resources. Together, we can work towards your personal goals, taking into account your individual needs and desires. Your growth and well-being are at the forefront of our therapeutic collaboration.

I hope for you to feel empowered and valued as an active participant in your healing process. I encourage you to express your thoughts, voice your concerns, and share your experiences openly. In our sessions, we will create a safe and non-judgmental space where you can freely explore and grow.

Creative Approaches in Psychotherapy

In traditional talk therapy, we primarily tap into the logical and planning parts of our brains, allowing us to make sense of our emotions in a structured manner. However, this approach may sometimes detach us from the profound realms of our emotions. That’s where Creative Approaches in Psychotherapy come in. The use of creative therapeutic techniques can help to open doors to regions of our brains associated with emotions. This enables a deeper exploration of our inner world. Engaging in creative methods in our sessions allows you to gain deeper understanding of yourself.

It's natural for some people to doubt their creative abilities. I can assure you that creative ability is not necessary for this transformative process. It’s not about judging the quality of your creations or analyzing their content. It’s about harnessing the power of creative methods to unlock your emotions and experiences.

In our sessions, we’ll explore what resides in your mind and body, providing a safe space for you to express and translate those inner experiences into various artistic forms. Whether it’s through drawing, mindfulness, movement, music, or other expressive outlets,

you’ll have the opportunity to release thoughts and emotions that may feel trapped or unspoken.

By engaging in this creative journey, you will discover fresh perspectives, gain deeper self-understanding, and find new ways to explore life’s challenges. It’s about empowering you to see yourself in a new light and symbolize your inner world in ways that resonate with your unique journey.

I look forward to meeting you.

I can provide support in the following areas:

-Depression and low mood



-Divorce / Breakups

-Cancer diagnosis

-Suicidal thoughts

-University and work-related stress



-Self-esteem and self-worth

-Self harm

-Sexual abuse

-Significant life changes

-Personal development

-A search for meaning

-Bereavement and loss

-Long-term health conditions


Session Fees

-I offer an initial 30 minutes phone/virtual consultation free of charge. During this time, we can discuss what you hope to gain from therapy, any questions you have, and whether I would be a suitable therapist for you.

-Face to face appointments - £85.00 (60-minute session)

-Phone and virtual appointments - £85.00 (60-minute session)

My Practice Days Are:

-Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (4:30 PM to 9:15 PM - Face to face / phone / virtual)

-Phone / virtual sessions are available throughout the week



· MSc. Psychotherapy and Counselling – Contemporary Creative Approaches

· Bachelor of Arts (Honours Psychology)

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