Many of us find ourselves struggling to cope with past or current traumatic events, loss, work related stress, relationship issues and setbacks in life. It can feel very overwhelming as we try to battle through and keep everything together. 


When we are consumed by grief, stress, depression, anxiety, addictions and pain full childhood memories we can carry immense sadness and depression inside. Quiet often we hide our pain from the outside world and fight through it alone. Not being able to express our feelings can become so overbearing that it can cause even the strongest and bravest of us to crash and become emotionally unwell. 

We may also face difficulties finding and maintaining healthy relationships and can't understand why unhealthy patterns of relating keep repeating themselves throughout our lives. Problems in our childhood including abuse and neglect along with unhealthy conditions of worth laid upon us can eat away at our self esteem and confidence as adults. 

When it comes to talking about our problems quite often we have been conditioned to put on a brave face and just get on with things. We carry anger, shame, anxiety and fear and don't know where to turn. Many of us don't want to burden our family and friends with our troubles, or perhaps there is simply no-one there who we feel cares enough to listen. 


One to one professional counselling at Liverpool Therapy Rooms can provide you with the professional support, care and understanding you need. In our private rooms you will have the opportunity to explore your thoughts, emotions and behaviours, and identify the best way forward. 

Your personal therapist is someone you can confide in who will listen with no judgement, be empathic, and understand your feelings. They can help you reflect, look within, become more self-aware, uncover your passions and rediscover meaning in your life.


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