When an illness is chronic and degenerative, we may find that over time we feel worn down and no longer able to cope in the way we used to or to put a brave face on what is understandably a very challenging situation.

At a time like this it can be difficult to know who to talk to. We may be afraid to express all of our anxieties, frustrations and concerns to those we love for fear of upsetting them or because we may feel guilt or shame about some of the things we are thinking and feeling.

That’s where counselling can help. I have lived with Parkinson’s Disease for almost 30 years and the therapy I have undertaken along the way has been invaluable, helping me to navigate what has, at times, been a difficult journey. That’s why I decided to train to become a therapist and it’s why I am so passionate about supporting people who find themselves dealing with challenging medical diagnoses.

I understand that when there is so much going on already, starting therapy can seem like a daunting prospect. I am ready to support you through those first steps. We are all individuals and how we navigate these situations will be different for all of us.


Having Parkinson’s does not mean I have all the answers, but it does mean I have had to ask myself a lot of the questions. My path with Parkinson’s and the path you find yourself on may not be the same, but working together, with empathy and without judgement, in a safe, supportive and confidential environment, we can explore your experience and help you to find a way forward that works for you.

To help you decide if I am the right person for you to work with I offer a free, no obligation 20 minute phone call during which we can get to know each other, I can tell you more about how I work and answer any questions you may have.



Face to Face Appointments £55

Phone Appointments £55

Payable by bank transfer.


Psychotherapist in Advanced Clinical Training and Supervision with a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling (Transactional Analysis)


Professional Bodies

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP). 

United Kingdom Association of Transactional Analysts (UKATA)

European Association of Transactional Analysts (EATA)

International Transactional Analysts Association (ITAA)

Paul Betney - Psychotherapist in Advanced Clinical Training and Supervision.

Post Graduate Diploma in Transactional Analysis. MBACP

Hello, my name is Paul. Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to look at my bio.

I offer therapeutic support for many of the issues counselling can help with, but my primary focus is on life transitions and health issues, especially supporting those with life changing medical diagnoses, chronic and degenerative illnesses, their families, friends and carers. I am also working with clients suffering from the effects of Long Covid.

Ill health can create a lot of anxiety and stress, both for the person suffering with the illness and those around them. Waiting for test results can leave patients, family and friends feeling traumatised and a diagnosis of a serious medical condition has the potential to turn many lives upside down. 

For some, a diagnosis can leave them feeling hopeless as their life feels thrown into turmoil. For others a diagnosis can come as a relief. Having clarity on what’s happening, knowing what the issue is and what options are available to address it can be empowering, but it can still be challenging to persuade those we care about to see things in the same way.